I’ve been trying out a new rendering engine written in Javascript called pixi.js.  It’s supposed to be the fastest one around, and while I can’t tell you if it is or not, I can tell you it’s certainly very cool.  It has some neat features like auto-detecting WebGL support, and failing over to canvas support if the device doesn’t support WebGL.

One of the first things I tried to build with pixi.js is a hobby project a friend and I are working on called “Half Gallon Hat”.  It’s sort of a western themed typing game.  We’re still working on art, animation, and a ton of polish, but I think it’s pretty promising that I could implement the core game mechanics in only a few hours.  Feel free to check it out and test out your typing skills.

Half Gallon Hat

Also, I’m working on separating the game code from the rendering/management code.  I hope to have an engine.js file ready to put on GitHub in the future to make game development with pixi.js a little easier for others.  I’ll post here once I’m ready to commit it.


So I had the idea to make a game to help support the Dogecoin cryptocurrency.  I wanted it to be multiplayer, but not the type of multiplayer where both players need to be online at the same time.  What I came up with was So Maze.  It’s essentially a mix between Minesweeper, Stratego, and a maze.  I think it’s a really interesting type of asynchronous gameplay, and it’s one that I hope to explore further in the future.

Check out my Twitter for more screenshots like the one below of what the game is like and to see my progress.



Check it out on GitHub, and feel free to submit a pull request if you’d like to improve on it.