Custom Services in Mac

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So I use the wonderful Atom to do all of my coding.  It’s free, and open source, so if you haven’t looked into it, you definitely should.

Anyway, one of the issues I’m constantly running into is that I want to open an entire folder with Atom, and have the folder show up in Atom’s project explorer.  Typically, I open up terminal, cd to the appropriate directory, and type  atom . to open up my entire project.  I messed around with Services a little bit and wrote a service that lets me right click on a folder to open the entire folder in Atom.  If you want to skip the tutorial and just download the service, check it out on Github:

Mac Developer Services

    1. Open up “Automator” on your Mac, create a new document, and choose “Service” for the type.
    2. In the top part of the right pane, choose “files or folders” next to “Service receives selected” and “” to the right of that.automator-service-1
    3. In the “Actions” panel on the left side, type “open” to search for all actions that start with “open”.  The action you want is called “Open Finder Items”.
    4. Drag the “Open Finder Items” action to the right side and drop it in the blank workflow section.automator-service-3
    5. Under “Open with” choose “” (or or whatever text editor you use).automator-service-4
    6. Save your service and run it to install.
    7. Right click on a folder to open it in Atom.



That’s all it takes to build an Automator service to launch an application from finder.  Let me know if you have any feedback, or suggestions.

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