Half Gallon Hat

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I’ve been trying out a new rendering engine written in Javascript called pixi.js.  It’s supposed to be the fastest one around, and while I can’t tell you if it is or not, I can tell you it’s certainly very cool.  It has some neat features like auto-detecting WebGL support, and failing over to canvas support if the device doesn’t support WebGL.

One of the first things I tried to build with pixi.js is a hobby project a friend and I are working on called “Half Gallon Hat”.  It’s sort of a western themed typing game.  We’re still working on art, animation, and a ton of polish, but I think it’s pretty promising that I could implement the core game mechanics in only a few hours.  Feel free to check it out and test out your typing skills.

Half Gallon Hat

Also, I’m working on separating the game code from the rendering/management code.  I hope to have an engine.js file ready to put on GitHub in the future to make game development with pixi.js a little easier for others.  I’ll post here once I’m ready to commit it.


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