Indie Review: Cosmochoria

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Every so often, I pick an indie game I’ve been playing recently and tell everyone a little bit about it. Today is going to be Cosmochoria by @mantrakid

Cosmochoria is a space exploration game with a whimsical art style and lets you explore the galaxy, capture planets, and kill baddies.


  • Simple to start.  The controls are pretty easy to get started with, and within a few minutes, you’ll feel pretty comfortable with it.
  • Art.  I think the art style is absolutely beautiful.  As you start to capture planets (by planting seeds on them), the planet comes alive and starts to get even more colorful.  I think this is a really great effect.
  • Nice progression.  Progression is really varied and meaningful, and I find myself wanting to do “just one more run” to try to get enough crystals to get that shiny new weapon I’ve had my eye on.


  • Slightly confusing start.  I bought this game early access a number of months ago, and when I did, there really wasn’t a whole lot there.  I picked it back up recently and was blown away by the amount of content added.  When I started it up and tried to leave the first planet I spawned on though, it wouldn’t let me.  I thought my jetpack was broken, but it turns out I just needed to capture the planet.  I’m sure if you’ve never played before this isn’t confusing, but I was really frustrated for a while there.
  • Bosses.  I feel like the bosses I’ve fought so far fall into two categories: worms and other.  Worms all kind of behave the same even if they look slightly different.  The other is really a grab bag, and there’s some glitchyness there.  I beat one boss just by leaving the planet and returning.  Surely that’s not right.  I’d really like to see some more variety.
  • End game.  After playing for a while and getting the upgrades I wanted, I find myself unsure of what to do now.  It starts to feel a little repetitive towards the end.


Cosmochoria is an amazing game with a very reasonable price point.  It’s still early access, so I think a lot of the issues I had with it will be ironed out as it heads towards a full release.  I’d absolutely recommend it.

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