Indie Review: Sky Rogue

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Every so often, I pick an indie game I’ve been playing recently and tell everyone a little bit about it. Today is going to be Sky Rogue by @nihilocrat.

Sky Rogue is an awesome arcade flight simulator with dead simple controls and a very fast paced and fun gameplay.


  • Extremely fun to play.  The gameplay is very fast, and the controls are extremely responsive.
  • The graphics are very minimalistic, and add to the experience rather than detract from it.
  • Progression is handled nicely, and I look forward to leveling up and getting new planes and weapons.


  • Tutorial is buggy.  I plugged in my Xbox One controller and was ready to play, but I couldn’t proceed past the introduction.  Unfortunately, once I skipped past the tutorial, I couldn’t restart it.  I figured out the control scheme on my own, but it look a little bit of stumbling.
  • Back button doesn’t work on my controller.  It says in several places to hit “tab or select” to exit, but only tab actually works.  There’s also no place to change this in the key bindings from what I could tell.  It’s not a huge deal, I just have to hit tab on my keyboard, but I wish it all worked from my controller.
  • Weapons are single use.  As you destroy targets and get “tech points”, you have the option of researching new weapons and planes.  When you unlock a new plane, you can use it forever without any additional cost.  When you unlock new weapons though, you get them for free once, but if you die with that new weapon on your plane, you must re-buy the weapon before you can use it again.


Sky Rogue is a really great game, and I’d absolutely recommend that you buy it.  Most of the cons are a result of it being an alpha game, and don’t significantly detract from game play.

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