Indie Review: Steredenn

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Every so often, I pick an indie game I’ve been playing recently and tell everyone a little bit about it. Today is going to be Steredenn by Pixelnest Studiosteredenn

Steredenn is a roguelike space shooter that’s hard and frustrating, but yet begs for just one more round.


  • Wonderful art style.  It’s retro pixel art, and it’s done really well.  There’s a wide variety of enemies, weapons, and backgrounds.  Even thought I’ve played it a number of times, the art still feels really “fresh”
  • Simple to understand controls.  It’s typical with most games in this genre, but there aren’t that many controls, and they are fairly simple to understand, even without a tutorial (although there is one, which is nice).
  • Tons of variety.  I’ve put a number of hours into the game, and I still haven’t seen even a fraction of what there is to see.  I also love that after you beat each boss, you choose a random power-up that makes you stronger/better in different ways.


  • It’s really hard.  No, really.  They may have changed something in a recent patch, because it seems like it’s gotten harder somehow.  I want to feel like I’m focussing on dealing damage while trying to stay alive, but it feels sometimes like damage is secondary and I’m just trying to live (and failing).
  • Clumsy controls.  While the controls are easy to understand, I found the weapon switching kind of clumsy.  I’m sure it’s because of my experience with other games of this genre, but I didn’t like having to switch weapons and only being able to fire one at a time. I would have preferred one button per weapon without the need for switching.  The need to weapon switch also makes trying to replace a specific weapon difficult.  You have to switch to a weapon you don’t want, fly over and pick up the weapon you do want, all while not dying.  It’s pretty tricky in later stages.
  • Spotty weapon quality.  I get some weapons and think to myself “YES! This is a game changer for me”, but others I don’t even bother picking up because it’s completely useless.  I’m sure some of this is play style, but the quality of the weapons really varies and this don’t feel super balanced.
  • Price point.  $12.99 (at the time of writing) on Steam seems a tad high for this type of game.  I think the main reason it seems high is because I can’t get far enough into it to feel like I’ve started to get my money’s worth.


Steredenn is a fun game that’s equal parts punishingly difficult, and tremendously satisfying.  I personally can’t play it for more than a few rounds without having to put it down for a little bit.  If the price point and difficulty don’t put you off, I think it’s definitely worth the purchase.

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