What is tronic?

Tronic is a texture pack for Minecraft that aims for a virtual or (elec)tronic feel. The biggest inspirations are probably the Metal Gear Solid VR Missions and every textureless test render ever made.

This is a HD Texture pack so you might want to look at the Instructions


The current revision is tronic.14 released on 16.09.2011
You can download it here


16.09.2011 - updated for 1.8

05.07.2011 - revised the custom fire, i got universally better feedback for the version that's in now

03.07.2011 - added pistons, custom fire. The misc folder now contains a fastgrasscolor.png, if you are using fast graphics rename it to grasscolor.png to get topgrass matching the fast sidegrass (though no biome shading)

28.05.2011 - added Wildgrass stuff, hatches.
made tweaks to saplings, pink wool (now looks pink).

22.04.2011 - added wolf, sprecial tracks, modified biome side-grass support
made some long overdue changes to the instructions section.

10.03.2011 - added fancy pack support: clay and bone crafts, pots, lanterns, chain, cage, road
If you don't use fancy pack there are no changes.

01.03.2011 - added bed and redstone repeater

14.01.2011 - added cake, sandstone, pine, birch, lapis lazuli, squid, sun, moon, coloured wool and a custom foliage color based one made by runsamok

11.01.2011 - removed the old step 4 from the instruction, the HD patcher now moves the custom lava and water textures automatically

24.11.2010 - added boat, cart, tracks, ghast, pig zombie and sign. There's a variant sign by Mr. Pokeylobe, just rename sign2 to sign to use it.

13.11.2010 - added Step by Step instructions to the Instructions section

12.11.2010 - added skeleton, spider, slime and zombie

12.11.2010 - made this site, it has fugly styling for now because i'd rather work on the pack


tronic uses higher resolution textures than the standard minecraft ones so you need to run the HD Texture Fix or your bricks, hellstone and a bunch of other stuff will look all fucked up.

Step by Step

  1. Download tronic, the HD Fix
  2. Run the HD texture fix, standard settings should be fine.
  3. If you haven't done so already move the into the minecraft texture pack folder.
  4. Run Minecraft, select the tronic pack and play the game. If it doesn't work, delete the minecraft bin folder and start over.


Thanks to Evil Mouse Studios for hosting this.